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We met at church...

A ten year old boy and girl saw each other each week at church. We became friends while attending choir rehearsal, Sunday school, Sunday service, and other church activities. At the tender age of twelve, we began to look forward to seeing each other at church on Sunday because we attended different middle schools. In middle school we began talking on the phone, and eventually went on our first “date” at fifteen by meeting at the local teen club. We dated off and on while attending different high schools. No matter what we remained friends.

Best Friends

After high school we went separate ways, but at the age of twenty-five our paths crossed again in a Walmart parking lot. Eventually, we became married with children! Spending practically everyday together since the day we were reacquainted. Our children were the focus of our lives, and we took our parenting very seriously. In fact, funds were limited at the beginning of our relationship, but that did not stop us from starting our own traditions like Netflix movie night, dinner nights at restaurants where kids eat free, and summer trips within driving distance. Our children loved staying in hotels! Building a family together strengthen our friendship as we learned to rely and trust each other. As a young couple we maintained our belief in God, and prayed together during life’s many challenges. Parenting, working, and attending school full time left little time for us. So we created another tradition by setting Sunday aside for the two of us because it was our only day off. As the children got older we began having date nights, and summer trips with and without the children. Currently, we are experiencing another cycle of life as proud grandparents. We truly believe the responsibility of family helps us to stay best friends!


We have an empty nest! God is leading us to create events for couples. Our events are inline with our past decisions to create our own traditions. Each year we will host at least three events because we believe couples should have places to go where they can dance, dine, and have a great time among other couples. Our events have limited seating creating a VIP environment where couples experience a romantic evening.

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